Saturday, May 23, 2015

Taquería Aguascalientes, North Loop 1604

My taco interests typically lie within the first loop, but that's not to say there aren't good Mexican eats on the outskirts of town. I learned this some time ago when I tried a place on Babcock Road near 1604 with a friend. It was good, certainly up to my (not so high) standards. However, I did not take notes on the place (I don't even remember what it was called.), which only means I'll have to choke down their Al pastor and salsa one more time. Woe is me.

And since this same friend and I were in her neighborhood near UT San Antonio last Saturday morning, it was proposed we hit up a place we both hadn't visited, Taqueria Aguascalientes, a busting Mexican eatery at the northwest corner of the outer loop, right next to Hills and Dales Ice House.

Like always, the full lot was a good sign right off the bat. I had to park my car across the street, and we walked into the place to see a family of four waiting to be seated. I don’t typically run into such problems at these places. Full dining area, sure. Waiting to sit down, not so much. We were, however, shown to the end of a table after just a few minutes. We shared the mesa with another group, which didn't bother us. Kinna made us feel like we were at a more trendy, communal establishment (although it’s not exactly one of those).

We were pretty hungry, so we scanned the menu right away. Unfortunately, I only got a picture of one page, but it gives you an idea of what they have. Nothing out of the ordinary, I don’t think.

I was in the mood for tacos (shock), so I went with three: Machacado (shredded dry beef, eggs, and peppers), potatoes with chorizo, and “country and egg” (also known as sausage and egg). I noticed off the bat that, perhaps due to how busy they were, the service was quite terse, the hurried coffee pouring that nearly leaves a few drops on the table. I wouldn’t say I mind that much, but I’m not sure how necessary such curtness is. Breathe. Tranquila. Make it easier on yourself.

And I was pretty tranquilamente in a food coma after throwing these down:

The tacos were good. I quite liked the Machacado, but that’s likely because I hadn’t had it before. It was like a breakfast taco made tastier with beef jerky. Whether it was high quality Machacado or not, I don’t know, but I was full and pretty happy. The chorizo was dark with a strong flavor, and the country and egg was…well…sausage and egg with nothing that particularly stuck out, at least not at this point a week later.

All in all, good food. Certainly a popular spot, but not exceptionally rico. Muy rico, though? Yes, I’ll give it that. A good option for UTSA students or anyone else looking for an affordable breakfast or lunch.


Price breakdown:

Don't remember. However, it will not wipe out your weekend.


15409 White Fawn Drive, 78255

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