Sunday, May 10, 2015

Los Angeles Tortilleria Y Panadería, N. Zarzamora Street

Last night as my head hit the pillow, I was already excited for the next day, a free Saturday morning when I could head one way or another and probar a Mexican eatery of my choosing. I think it was especially exciting because I hadn't done it in so long. This is what happens when #1: You start a new job. #2: Your classes take up more time. And #3: You get lazy. But for Pete's sake, what kind of tool bag is too lazy for tacos? Step up to the plate, John, and eat tortilla chips and chorizo like you should.

I was wanting to try a place on Zarzamora Street. I had heard this or that about one joint or another on this road, and they're prevalent in this particular stretch of town. I just didn't know which one to choose, and after such a long absence, I wasn't keen on going with a dud.

I decided on a decent-sized, popular place called Los Angeles. There are a couple of them, one here at North Zarzamora and West Commerce, and "#2", on Commercial Avenue. So, with great enthusiasm and an empty stomach, I cruised over to the West Side, passing a few other, elaborately decorated joints before approaching the full parking lot of LA.

I had never seen a parking attendant at a place like this, but for some reason, they have one, which you can attribute to their popularity, or for keeping out patrons of the Garden Inn across the street. 

Upon entering, the first thing you notice is the gentleman walking around, playing the 9:30 in the morning. I liked it already. 

Walk past the bakery and tortilleria at the front to a spacious, festive dining area, replete with decorations hanging from the ceiling and inspirational posters about cuddling, caring, and laughing. Upon ordering my coffee and taking a look at the breakfast plates, I couldn't fight the urge to have chilaquiles. The decision was kinna made before I got there. Menu looks pretty standard and good. Come Monday through Friday, and you can have two breakfast tacos and café for $2.99.

It was simply enjoyable to sit in my booth, relax, sip my coffee, and take in the Saturday. The dude was playing, people were clapping, kids were running around. It all put a smile on my face, and this plato cranked the good vibes up to 11:

What's better than eggs, fried tortillas, and melted cheese? Eggs, fried tortillas, and queso fresco. Man, this was good, accentuated by more-than-adequate tortillas (flour was a little better than corn) and tasty salsas. The red was delightfully picosa and went well with everything. Good refried beans, good potatoes, no complaints. Tack on a nice conversation with Yulisa, my waitress from El Salvador, and my morning was complete. 

So there you go. Another quality choice for chips, cheese, eggs, beans, taters, salsa, tortillas, and probably everything else on the menu. Or just go listen to the guy. His voice ain't bad.

$ Bite For Your Buck $


Price Breakdown:

Four tortillas



300 North Zarzamora Street, 78207

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